We organize and conduct educational events with participating firms to build the foundation for future business development opportunities.



We coordinate identification of cutting edge topics that are of interest to the prospect clients’ world and work with the law firms toward Publication of a white papers authored by GLP, the client firms and select strategic partners. The white papers are distributed to the desired audience and provide speaking, business development and other opportunities for the firms.

The Jurisdictional Advantage™ Thinking Globally and Leveraging Locally

The home team has a significant advantage over the visitors. In the legal profession it’s called the "Jurisdictional Advantage™". Whatever the sport, be it baseball, basketball, football, soccer or litigation, the advantage is always to the home team. The reason for this is simple. The home team has the local knowledge and experience that the visiting team does not.​

Nowhere is this more important than the legal profession where companies have a choice of which home team goes to bat for you. So how do those companies choose the best when, unlike sports, there is no quantitative data – no batting average available - to help them make the best choice?

Global Legal Partners (GLP) was formed to help connect those lawyers and law firms that provide superior results to companies that are seeking a better way to make the best choice in legal counsel and find the best lawyers and law firms that can provide them Jurisdictional Advantage and deliver demonstrably better results.


GLP provides Market Research, Business Development and other services to the legal profession. We help our clients better understand what those companies seeking better legal results are looking for and then position our clients with those decision makers to articulate how they can best help them achieve those objectives and develop a relationship to do so.

GLP arranges introductions and opportunities for lawyers of the firms to meet with decision makers at corporations and insurance companies. We help develop and coordinate strategic plans for the firms and work with them to execute the plan and develop business. For those GLP clients that are members of legal organizations such as ALFA, Advoc, Eurojuris, Harmonie Group, Interlaw, Interlex Group, Lex Mundi, Merritas, Morrison International, Multilaw, Pacific Rim Advisory Council, PLAN, State Capital Group, TAG Law, TELFA, TerraLex, USLAW Network, USLFG, World Law Group, or World Services Group, etc., we do not compete with those organizations, but rather complement and leverage their efforts in a way that benefits the members of those organizations. The events at many of these organizations serve as a backdrop to enhancing the opportunities, be they local, national or global, that we help our clients pursue.




We work with the firms to identify their top prospects and create a strategic action plan to create an opportunity for that firm to meet with the decision makers.​

We work with each firm to identify their top contacts and client relationships and coordinate efforts to enhance those relationships and introduce them to the other firms who are clients of GLP. This serves to help strengthen client relationships with existing clients by being of greater value to them.​

GLP identifies target prospects that the client firms are interested in pursuing and creates opportunities for the client firms to meet with the decision makers and explore whether there is an opportunity to work together.​