Our solutions will help you significantly reduce your Total Legal Costs, giving you greater control over the process and uniformity of results, while achieving better outcomes as respects your balance sheet, corporate reputation and client relationships.

We help our clients better understand what those companies seeking better legal results are looking for and then position our clients with those decision makers to articulate how they can best help them achieve those objectives and develop a relationship to do so. 

GL - has created an innovative and quantifiable solution to address rising litigation costs. By placing the focus on actual outcomes rather than hourly rates or billing practices, clients can now determine the relative effectiveness of the law firms they engage based upon the ultimate metric: financial results and outcomes.​

Global Legal Services


We work with corporations and insurance companies to improve their legal & litigation financial results and outcomes by reviewing their past litigation experience, processes, council selection, and results. 

The review is then compared and benchmarked to other's results to look for ways to improve those outcomes going forward. We then create a strategic and tactical game plan and budget designed to achieve those better outcomes going forward. Once the plan is agreed GLOBAL LEGAL PARTNERS™ will implement the plan with the law firms you direct and/or we select. GLP will act on your behalf to execute the plan.


  • Communication: Negotiate directly with the law firms that meet our agreed upon criteria to serve your legal & litigation needs going forward.
  • Monitoring: Monitor and manage their performance so that they achieve the agreed upon results.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Provide benchmarks and strategies using our proprietary Legal Predictive Intelligence.
  • Decisions Based on Results: We work with the firms to identify their top prospects and create a strategic action plan to create an opportunity for that firm to meet with.
  • Creating Opportunities: GLP identifies target prospects that the client firms are interested in pursuing and creates opportunities for the client firms to meet with the decision makers and explore whether there is an opportunity to work together.